1. This Privacy Policy stipulates the principles of collecting, processing and using information, including personal data of www.iluzijumuzejs.lv website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) users. 
  2. Website users’ data is administered by the MB “Traukos slėnis” filiāle “Cosmos Infinite Way with its registered office in Doma laukums 1, Rīga (hereinafter referred to as “Ilūziju muzejs”). 
  3. Protection of privacy, including the protection of Website users’ personal data is treated by Ilūziju muzejs with priority. Ilūziju muzejs makes all efforts, including precautions and securities in a form of coding the transmission between users and the web server, as well as securing transmission between the web server and the Cosmos Muzeum’s cash system by using a dedicated coded VPN connection. Furthermore, Ilūziju muzejs separates the database server from the external network so that the personal data transferred by the Website users is protected against loss, damage, disclosure or access of unauthorised persons. 
  4. Using the Website can be related to Ilūziju muzejs collecting users’ data necessary for proper operation of all Website’s functionalities. In particular, the information on user’s location, IP of the device used, user’s activity on the Website and so-called cookies are collected. The Website user can learn more on the principles of collecting and using cookies from the separate information posted on the Website. 
  5. The Ilūziju muzejs does not use data referred to in point 4 to determine the Website users’ identity. In case this data, independently or together with other information, enables determining the user’s identity, it is treated as personal data and principles described in points 6 – 16 below apply. 
  6. Personal data is processed on the Website in compliance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as “the GDPR”). 
  7. The data is processed pursuant to Article 6 par. 1 letter f) of the general regulation on personal data protection of 27 April 2016, i.e. processing is necessary to execute the Ilūziju muzejs’s legally justified interests which comprise running the Website by the Ilūziju muzejs and informing through the agency thereof of activity conducted by the Ilūziju muzejs. 
  8. The data is collected in order to provide the User with the possibility to use all Website’s functions. 
  9. Data is processed for a period necessary to provide the User with the possibility of using the Website fully. 
  10. The personal data can be entrusted to entities providing services to the benefit of the Ilūziju muzejs and disclosed to entities authorised to this end pursuant to legal provisions. 
  11. Each person has the right to access their data, they can rectify, erase or limit processing thereof, as well as demand transferring data. 
  12. The User has the right to object processing their data. 
  13. The User has the right to lodge a complaint against the Ilūziju muzejs to the supervisory authority i.e. the Personal Data Protection Office, 17 Elijas Street, LV-1050, RIGA
  14. Giving personal data is voluntary, however, it may be necessary to use all functionalities of the Website. 
  15. Decisions regarding given personal data shall not be taken in an automated manner. 
  16. Contact with the Ilūziju muzejs, including the person acting for the Ilūziju muzejs as the data protection officer, is possible in writing, to the address of the registered office given in point 1 or electronically, to the email address: info@iluzijumuzejs.lv. 
  17. As a rule, using the Website functionalities does not require opening an account and logging in the Website. 
  1. In case of the willingness to purchase tickets to events organised by the Ilūziju muzejs, it  requires giving personal data indicated in registration forms. 
  2. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the Website. The Ilūziju muzejs is not held liable for the principles and privacy policies of websites entered by the Website user through the links posted on the Website. 
  3. Any amendments hereto shall be communicated to Website users by posting information on the Website.